Staying away from exaggeration is simplicity and sometimes balance.

It does not cover the facts.

It’s consistency, sometimes it’s reality.

Sometimes hearing, understanding, getting to the bottom
It is trying to understand its reasons.

To tell all the truth with courage.

It is being able to look into the eye with clarity without bending or twisting.

It is to look at it with simplicity, move away from exaggeration and watch the whole reality of life.

Embarrassment is to be able to express without eye painting.

If they feel embarrassment and sincerity, people will divide that dry bread and they will become a team before people do it.

Sharing a chocolate is sincere. Seeing that there is a unity of destiny, people’s hearts open. His ears begin to hear.

We all love to laugh and have fun.

Understanding people is not when we laugh and have fun, we don’t understand when we go to a comedy show, we just had a good time.
What we run is our hedonic happiness.

But when the facts come, we return to our old lives again.

It is like the slum life of the employees of fancy shops. Drugged lives.

There are dramas behind him, but he always laughs at his customers. His laughing is now a professional requirement. Laughing is his job.

He is like a poor young girl who fell in love with the son of the manufacturer in old Turkish movies.

The girl has dreams for the future, but the bouncy fabricator child makes her day.

Won’t Münir Özkul come out and tell us about the poor but proud life? Isn’t the story ingrained in our genes?

To be with him in his grief and troubles.

It is like children trying to get into rich lives. We are like children leaving Ferrari friends and taking a minibus.

Seeing more, understanding more is now painful.

When I always remember this situation, I think of Oya Ünlü’s current anecdote.

The poor girl living in Bulgaria lives a very happy life. He does not know their riches, their extravagant lives. Then that girl becomes the vice president of a world famous organization. When he goes back to his country, he cannot meet the former himself. Because the internet age has begun. The world is visible in all its nakedness.

It doesn’t matter because it’s life. When awareness increases, people’s unhappiness increases. Is it jealousy? Is it desperation not known?
Isn’t it a television culture? Before the Internet, we used this ..

Do we not see marginal lives in TV series and marriage programs? Do we watch the lives lived in the mansions and return to their tiny poor lives?

Are we not showing how much more equal we are in trying to eliminate inequalities?

Our loved ones have disappeared, we are living their lives.

However, life is sometimes about being able to wear each other’s glasses. It is empathy.

If we don’t do that empathy, won’t we turn into people who are constantly chasing happiness?

Won’t you find that andrenaline by spending more money? So don’t we derive so many shopping monsters?

But is understanding the constant pursuit of happiness? He always knew about heroin, like addicts.

To be with him in difficult times, to solve problems in difficult times.

Otherwise, good moments and money spent will not bring happiness.

Because when they return to their real lives, they realize the bigger differences and that luxury doesn’t work for them.

It means trying to understand each other, dividing dry bread, sharing common fate.

If not in common, destinies and worries. Then it becomes difficult to understand, the walls get higher and higher.

My dream is not to bring everyone together in poverty.

It is that everyone can empathize with each other more while sharing their riches and beauties.

It is meeting in the riches of life.

When meeting, sincerity, emotion does not lose its meaning.

It is to find the balance of life.

Balance because it is harmony, harmony, team, unity of destiny.