Ferhat Ünlükal
5 min readMar 27, 2021

After watching a documentary on Nexflix that writing has improved, believing that thoughts are also an energy, I wanted to start with writing Saturday morning.

Einstein’s theory of relativity claims that time, space, and motion are not independent of each other, but rather a relative whole that is interconnected.

Predictions within the theory,

As objects speed up, time will begin to flow slower for the object, time must stop when the speed of light is reached.

As the objects speed up, some of their mass turns into kinetic energy, objects with stationary mass will never reach the speed of light.

As the objects get faster, their lengths in the direction of movement will decrease.

No object can travel faster than the speed of light.

After a bit of a challenging introduction, I wanted to bring the issue to a more spiritual point that we are all one energy, we are parts of a whole because time, space and movement move in relation to each other, and goodness, beauty and beautiful energies radiating with each other will bring the better.

Yes, human beings are the witnesses of time and space, but since they are also an energy, they can open the next time with their mind and decisions. This can happen in matters explained by people with the concepts of fate, belief, consciousness and will.

What we can perceive is time and moment. When we focus on the moment, when we can see the beauties in it, our awareness increases as the soul, body and mind align.

In the moment, human beings can only perceive 7% of the time. In order to perceive its other parameters, it must pass into deep understanding and thought, and be separated from time and space.

Having a vision, a subject called strategic thinking, enables people to think abstractly and go beyond time and space. Humans can imagine that they could be 10–50 and 100 years when you got rid of the furniture. But when you combine it with the item, then it hardly predicts even 1 to 5 years from now.

This is where the differences between concrete and abstract thinking come from. In an age where technology is changing rapidly, it is difficult to predict the next year, but our perceptions and bodies cannot keep up with this rate of change. Managing change emerges as an art of wisdom.

At that point, I would like to introduce the concept of micro vision. As engineers, we try to read that 1–3 year, based on causal relationships, through developments in connected industries and most likely make accurate predictions. Because by looking at the product maps of the processor technology sets, we can understand the development of the process faster.

When the technical vision hits a point in humanity’s own journey, we can create scalable change. However, that secret door between technical vision and human beings cannot be opened without wisdom. Therefore, 3% of the established technical and startup companies are successful when they reach that wisdom.

If we move from the theory of relativity again, we are heading towards a world where the producer determines everything.

Due to the fact that technological development acts beyond human perception, technological developments will go beyond time and continue to force consumption by triggering people’s feelings of hunger.

As the child of an era when fixed phones came to our home in 10 years, even though mobile phones, computers, smartphones and tablets have changed people’s lives and changed their habits, the new world of digital services, artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computers are now forming a different plane.

The need to increase the respect of people for the World is our obvious truth that we are a part of a whole, and if we cannot shave our egos, we make the world uninhabitable.

However, the digital dictatorships of GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft), where the desire and ego of several thousand people to rule the world are exploding, is not a distant reality.

Theologically, believing in God will be the devil who walks the way and tries to divert human beings who are trying to reach him.

How would human beings discover if it were not for this test? Here we are all on a journey of discovery.

In the journey of exploration, time is constantly twisting and the rules of the game are changing. Here in this reality, we are going through very interesting times.

If we had asked the human beings when they would like to live, they would have preferred to live in these interesting times in history. We may feel lucky to experience this sense. As well, it has been difficult in our way to reach the right.

While artificial intelligence has been used to create digital dictatorships and humanity has been captured, our speed of access to information has increased much more, because of the economy of attention, our attention and focus are captured, we are struggling with issues that we are struggling to recognize, without turning into a hamster mouse.

As long as we do not lose the energy of goodness, we have the right to access the unique knowledge of the universe. That great wisdom, knowledge is one of us will be coming out of one of us again. It is inevitable for time and energy to flow towards him after he has said to be my almighty lord.

For this reason, it seems the greatest battlefield of today, that humanity attains a state of more goodness, welfare and prosperity, takes its inspiration from nature and the creator, connects to the universe knowledge network, does not kill its creativity against dictatorships established by its own judgments and egos.

On the eve of artificial intelligence transforming us into new cyborgs, the need for artificial intelligence to attain the benefit of human beings and the benefit of the universe by decentralizing it is obvious.

In nature, in the beauty of the leaf, we are obliged to use more of the knowledge, which are both connected with nature and the universe, and the structures that have surrendered but do not submit, and the secrets of the universe are contained in a single cell and form a whole in those cells.

In the process where we can perceive 7% of our time, one of the candidate technologies is blockchain. In the use of these technologies, we may encounter many obstacles that could lead us to get out of the way.

We wish the humankind to live a fair and valuable life as a decent human being.