In the math class, we learned the concept of mode in modular arithmetic. The concept of mode used in integers is a value that is formed by returning to zero again since it reaches a certain value called a modulus, such as the clock repeats every twelve hours.

In many ancient cultures, people used modular arithmetic. The Chinese remainder theorem can be given as a learn to this. Carl Friedrich Gauss explained this modularity in contemporary representation.

It’s like resetting the mod concept in the modern computing world. Microsoft made us experience this concept very well so that the reset can be fixed.

Today we are talking about the great reset. Because in industrial societies Mod 100 needs to be reset.

They accumulate and overflow from time to time in humans. They need to reset the mod again and start over. It has a lot to do with the comfort zones associated with the concept of reset.

The comfort zone is an area where the development of the person decreases but the comfort increases, and the person tries to live in 60–70 mode if possible.

Today’s societies mostly work in mode 25. Mode 25 works as read for 25 years, arrive, do the given task for 25 years, retire for 25 years. Subsequent Modes are extension moments.

Stress is the biggest disease of today’s people. When the rate of change increases, mod 25 becomes really difficult to work with, but human nature cannot accept it very easily.

That’s why we try to do yoga to manage stress, we try to come to the moment. Coming to the main is like setting clocks to that minute. Like an instrument that is out of tune, it can adapt when re-tuned.

Being Mode 0, on the other hand, represents the perfect human being, and it is obvious that he has problems with egos and awareness at the point of reaching him. When I think of the person living in Mod 0, I think the first thing that comes to my mind is our beloved prophet becomes Hz. Mohammed.

Modes change according to the life lived, profession, and life limits. Some artists can live in Mode 0–1. In her song, Sezen Aksu says that the songs that do not go through pain are a bit lacking. It’s not something that a person who doesn’t live at a point like Mod 0.5 can write.

The subject has turned to the degree of engine oil, but I still want to continue to talk about the subject, with no apologies.

In mode 0–1, life is more difficult. Because when the numbers between 0 and 1 come to the denominator, they create a larger number than themselves. Here our formula is Ego/mode where the Ego rises, if the mod is between 0.5, the result is more than Ego. Among artists there is the concept of stage dust. When you eat stage dust, the level of saturation goes up and you always try to achieve that level of satisfaction in normal life. However, since it is not always possible to be at that level of satisfaction, you will have depression and unhappiness. To virtually create that level of satisfaction, addictions begin.

Civil servants live in Mode 25. Their general characteristics are not to interfere with meat and milk, to do as they are told, to take their homework and to be a hardworking student.

The interference head Mode 3 works. Experiencing, learning, making mistakes, learning from their mistakes has entered their head, and the increase in the speed of change and uncertainty in the world enables these minds to make new initiatives. This is also a poison, and it became addictive because it took that poison as in the same artists. Gambling becomes a habit like a drug. Therefore, it is useful to adjust the dose well.

If in Mod 3 the Ego in our Ego/mod formula is too inflated, then care is needed. The Venture Mod 3 head is destroyed by the Ego.

Elon Musk is running Mod 1 today. As long as he can find resources, he has experienced 625 years of Officer life. Happiness after that is related to the degree of Ego.

We see the concept of corporate entrepreneur. If you try to run the Mod 25 head Mod 3, the cogs can break quickly. When upgrading to Mode 3, I suggest you don’t get hit. For this, you need to support the Mod 3 entrepreneurial culture, prepare its environment and eliminate the Ego.

Our parents studied Mod 35. The last representatives of the X generation Mod 25 generation. Generation Y Mod 7 is running. Generation Z is running Mode 3 in such a fast world. When we think that their children will have 5 different occupations at the same time, Mod 0.2 will work.

Kamil is on his journey to become human, I hope we can reach Mod 0s. They say 40 years is the prophetic age, as the age progresses, Mod +5 is coming. I hope that while we find the beauty and meaning of life, we can drop the Ego and switch to Mode 0 so that we can sail to 0/0 infinity.

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