Experience Economy — Is that what people do to what they love?

I remember this title somewhere. It’s like I hear you say lyrics.

A being with human emotions. Sorrow, rejoice, anger, grudge, hate, hope are all part of life.

Our emotions often guide our thoughts.

The last remaining taste and the last experience are unforgettable.

Nowadays we call this customer experience, employee experience.

People want to love, people want to be connected, people want to trust.

Isn’t that why? When you think you’ve tasted the first love, it blows you up.
But then you realize it’s pain.

This is similar to mexican sauces, the first dessert comes and then you suffer from the pain.

Life consists of bitter and sweet.

The person who is constantly in search of happiness. Heodism has surrounded it everywhere.

Hedonism is called hedonism, it is a teaching of Aristippos, the student of Socrates of the Kirene school.

He argues that pleasure is absolutely good and that human actions must be planned in a way that ultimately provides pleasure.

It is a philosophy that advocates the pursuit of pleasure.

The people of the time adopted hedonism very quickly.

He has adopted it so much that he has created people who achieve some happiness by shopping.

For those who see this as an opportunity, the shopping experience.

Yes, an experience economy has been formed. Customer, employee, shopping experience.

Everywhere we look for experience now. We are constantly looking for a pleasant sound.

Are these always sweet experiences?

Is learning and development something to be done in the pursuit of happiness?

Don’t get me wrong, be unhappy all the time, and I’m not saying you emit negative energy.

An athlete trains constantly to do better and achieve success, but the muscles no longer hurt during training but continue to do so. It is difficult, it is difficult.

However, after the serotonin secretion, sleep is the greatest pleasure in the world.

While climbing another climber, he faces many difficulties. Do climbers have problems. Why are they happy, why do they want to experience that adrenaline again. This is another side of pleasure and experience.

The most common thing for men is their military service memories. He did military service for 8 months. You think, his whole life was in the military. It’s like a general.

Isn’t it what men run away and fear the most at the same time? Military service.

You are both running away and telling them gently. It is not clear.

Those military memories and friends are never forgotten.

In fact, people do not forget people in their difficult times.

Sets that integrates the feeling of chest stretching together to the challenges. He teaches and develops.

Here, the athlete’s muscle aches are in pain, it is within the stories of a soldier who encounters in a difficult situation.

Isn’t it our emotions and our hedonistic approach? Obstacles to our learning realities.

Because life is duality. It is life with its pain and its sweet.

Lifetime Learner