Do not sacrifice in life to those who do not know the concept of altruism.

It is done to people whose good intentions you are sure of, sacrifice.

If the feeling of competition is heavy, sacrifice is futile.

Your sacrifice will be your weakness, as the sense of competition is dominant or they cannot make sense of the word sacrifice. They try to injure it over it.
If they think that you are doing the work you do by working extra, they think you are doing it in the current time, and only if they can do that job, they will attack, what do you do.

Not enough, they make people around them gossip so that their views are further solidified.

Your leaders who do not want to impress lovers, listen to them and leave their comfort zone are killer rats of organizations.

When caught, they hide in their corners, then their blood boils and reappears prowlly.

They pour their poison calmly.

They seek bait for themselves. But those who applaud do not know that one day they and their teams will be bait to the killer rats.

Gladiator wars in Rome cause excitement.

They do not understand that this is the branch they are on.

“Too Much Sacrifice Brings Too Much Unfaithfulness” is my advice to my friends.

They have now sloganized it as SBMU.

It takes sacrifice to run to a vision, to be a team.

You can’t team up when the killer is mice.

Trust does not develop among the killer rats.

They make an authority account and trigger the designed lives. They feed.

They provoke people, they throw their poisons at the teams.

The accounts made are based on their connection to them.

They search for their victims from office seekers and have found the team’s hacked points.

If the teams have lost confidence in each other, you will rot from within.

You judge people over things you don’t understand. Without trying to understand.

It is the civil servant mentality that prevents them from understanding.

Do not make sacrifices to those you do not trust.

Remember that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

When the teams break up, you follow your friends on social media.




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Ferhat Ünlükal

Ferhat Ünlükal

Lifetime Learner

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