Serdar is the most important person in our office.

Nobody will notice if Directors and Directors do not come, but if Serdar does not, everyone will notice.

We arrange our holidays according to Serdar’s vacation times.

We are now addicted to Serdar.

There is very good news from Serdar. He had a child. God bless. We are in sweet joys without Serdar.

Serdar is the person we communicate with the most. It is Serdar that connects us to each other.

Everyone knows what to drink, when and so well that we learn customer excellence from Serdar.

You learn from Serdar, when something happens.

Serdar is our communication professor. He tells everything clearly, without interest, without politics.

Alex’s translator is like Samet, he is the translator of the office.

He is our Serdar.

Like his name is the supreme commander.