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Today, I want to write an article based on a post by my dear friend Gökhan, whose social intelligence I trust very much.

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Individuality is indispensable for western societies. Protecting the rights of the individual and bringing the individual wealth to the forefront are indispensable for the American dream.

There is nothing to be said to defend the rights and laws of the individual to the end.

Another aspect of bringing the individual to the forefront is the recovery of wealth in one hand, the increase in the income injustice in the medium and long term, and the disruption of social justice and contract.

Of course, it is very normal for Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Mark Zukerberg to appear in Capitalist Systems. You will create that dream so that there is a community of people who are chasing this dream, and one person can win out of millions of people who will chase that dream.

While giving a different example of this in China, Confucius and companies affected by the power of the community believed that elephants could be eaten by ants. For this reason, the name of Alibaba’s financial firm is Ant Financial, which means Ant.

Because they believe that properly organized ants can eat big elephants.
William Muir evolutionary biologist chickens from Purdue University, which you will watch in the video, is another example.

The study found that individually productive chickens achieve their success only by suppressing the productivity of the rest.

Do we not believe that our teams of superstars will achieve super success in our current organizations?

We have been taught to compete for progress in our lives. Going to the right school, getting the right job, getting to the top.

Creating something new is very enjoyable, working with intelligent and creative people is the reward for this.

Working with superstars is a complete torture. Groups of people with swollen egos who see nothing but themselves.

But haven’t our organizations been managed like this for the last 50 years?

We thought success was achieved by choosing the superstars, the brightest men, or the occasional women in the room.

We gave them all the resources and power. The result is aggression, dysfunction and waste.

We found the only way he was most productive and successful by suppressing the productivity of the rest.

However, our real achievements were those of us who showed high social sensitivity and empathy for each other.

When we achieved equality between us, we all heard each other’s voices.
And of course, we’ve been able to achieve this by eliminating inequalities, with more women in our teams.

Did women have more empathy, emotional intelligence and social ties that led us to these results?

If you make people feel valued, they will become more compatible and sensitive to each other, their ideas will flow and their creativity will increase.

People will not feel stuck and waste their energy in dead-end streets.
You will be calculating at the beginning of your desk for days, go out and talk to your customer. Make a mistake. Let people seek help. Because if you can ask the right question in the right place, you will find someone who knows the subject better than you.

If you are listening to ideas and helping your friends, you can turn your individual intelligence into collective intelligence.

You don’t need to know everything. You just have to help.

Helpfulness not only increases your intelligence, you also get to know the person you receive help from and establish a social bond with them.

When managing technical teams, it is normal to get stuck, to experience a lot of friction, to see people pecking at each other.

People who do not know each other may be so focused on their individual efforts that they may not even know the people they sit next to.

The key is to just give each other time and try to get to know each other. You will not believe in yourself how much your success has increased.

Conversations between coffee breaks and breakfasts together provide collective restoration.

Joint efforts, clubs and social responsibility projects in companies bring people closer to each other.

If you really want to do groundbreaking work, what people need is social support and they need to know who to ask for help.

Companies have no ideas. Only people have ideas and they bring those ideas to life.

And what motivates people is the bonds, loyalty and trust they develop between them. It’s not just the bricks that count, it’s the mortar.

These are all our social is our capital.

Social capital is trust and interdependence that build trust.
It comes from sociologists who study communities that have proven particularly resilient in times of stress.

Social capital is what accelerates companies and makes social capital companies powerful.

This happens over time, and people who have known each other for a long time increase their social capital.

In addition to the idea, people who will invest in startups look at the harmony of partners, how long they have met, and control their social capital.

When people have time to talk to each other, your profitability and employee satisfaction will increase.

Because frankness is safe, conflicts are common in these groups. Here the conflict in trust turns into great ideas.

Ideas are not born. They make each other’s ideas more mature.

The child is born with a little messy, confused and possibilities at birth. They are like children in ideas. You can kill it, or you support social capital by generous contribution, belief, and challenge to reach their potential. The decision is yours.

We have a lot of superstars in music. They just don’t take too long. I’m excluding Ajda Pekkan.

Everyone is very important in your organization, and when we stop being superstars, we will better understand how much we contribute to each other.
According to talent, the management race has routinely pitted and now employees are against each other.

Now is the time to replace competition with social capital.

In an environment where money and authority erode social connectedness, we tried to motivate people with money and authority.

Now is the time for people to motivate each other.

And for years we thought leaders were hero soloists who were expected to solve complex problems alone.

Now we need to not redefine leadership, leadership in a way that conditions are created and everyone can put forward their boldest thoughts together.

Our problems will not be solved if we try to solve our problems with a few super stars.

We are all part of a whole and we need each other. Everyone is precious.
Beyond borders, we need each other’s energy, our imaginations, to create the best.

We will be freedom by supporting each other together.

Stay with love.

Lifetime Learner