Vallahi Baydın.

The American elections take place between Trump and Biden (Turkish in Baydın).

Biden looks 9 points ahead of Trump.

In the American election system, it is not measured by the person who can get the most space, but the one who can get delegates.

Trump also lost the election even though Hillary got the highest vote in the Hilarry competition.

Sometimes leaders knock out.

It’s like eating the same thing every day, watching the same movie.

People in the communities love it, they say baydin.

May our end be good for all of us.

You choose a different leader to change that food, that movie, not to love it.

If leaders are not listening to the voices of communities, if they are not listening, if they are not trying to understand, then after a while, you will be good.

What is the secret of this business?

Man is ruled.

It is to be able to shake the excitement, the emotion and the heart.

What is given is not the goal, it is to show their future.

If you do not show tomorrow, if you cannot imagine it, you cannot motivate

beautiful tomorrows together with money.

How nice Simon Sinek said.

The true worth of a leader is not measured by the work they do. The true worth of a leader is measured by the work they inspire others to do.




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Ferhat Ünlükal

Ferhat Ünlükal

Lifetime Learner

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